Version 4.10

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).




  • Save text and outline color to item metadata on STL sidecar import (#2785).

Transcoder improvements

  • Support new H.264 FourCCs (#2819).

Bug fixes

  • Infinispan stale locks problem (#2775).
  • Possible Solr query errors on autocomplete on string-exact fields (#2865).
  • Imports using AWS presigned URLs fail with HTTP 403 (#2863).
  • Incorrect container component after auto-import of growing file (#2859).
  • Failed to delete an item if its bulky metadata contain null values (#2857).
  • Raw import with “ids” parameter fails to set external id (#2847).
  • Incorrect data in file, storage and metadata notification (#2838).
  • Possible failing conform job if the original file is lost (#2831).
  • Incorrect result on wildcard search for string-exact if the value contains a space (#2796).
  • HTTP 500 when searching for string-exact field with text containing AND/OR (#2793).
  • Auto-completion not case insensitive for string-exact fields (#2780).

Transcoder fixes

  • Avoid overflow in aspect ratio calculation (#2869).
  • NPE (SIGSEGV) in Transcoder when reading MXF files (#2868).
  • Start timecode is not set with correct in NLEJob (#2867).
  • Signed integer problem with startTimecode (#2862).
  • Exception occured while opening wmv muxer for.... (#2850).

Agent fixes

  • File transfer job in agent not using settings from agent conf (#2866).
  • VSA fails to return transcoder status for job that is finishing (#2807).




Image sequence generation

  • Image sequence output (#2726). The transcoder generates image sequences for shape tag with transcoder preset codec tiff, png, or dpx, e.g.:
<TranscodePresetDocument xmlns="">

Universal storage method

Vidispine is able to manage files that are not under a common root using a universal storage.

And it’s also possible to import files to a universal storage without firstly copy it to another storage (#2719).


  • Allow owner of an item/collection to be changed (#2706).
  • Support removal of values by actual value (#2635).
  • Add option when updating metadata group so that resulting group exactly matches input XML (#2747).
  • Configurable transcoder DNS cache TTLs (#2712).
  • Filter jobs by completion date (#2702).
  • S3 lifecycled bucket as ARCHIVE storage (#2697).
  • Expose the source storage for COPY_FILE jobs (sourceStorageId) (#2691).

Transcoder improvements

  • Faster MXF parsing in transcoder (#2753).

Bug fixes

  • Slow disk reads causing optimistic locking errors on import (#2756).
  • JDBC connection not returned to pool on thread interrupt/XA exception (#2754).
  • Storage method with type “AUTO” not selected when requesting an auto method (#2750).
  • Excessive logging for empty storages (#2730).
  • Excessive DNS logging when DNS entry missing (#2727).
  • NPE from auto-import job after deleting source storage (#2718).
  • Transcoder transfer only performed for local file transfers (#2715).
  • File size missing in job progress for copy jobs performed by agent (#2714).
  • Cannot copy files between S3 buckets in different regions (#2703).
  • GET /job/(id) accept:text/plain gives 500 Internal Server Error (#2700).
  • GET/DELETE /resource/{resourcetype}/{id} should validate that id is of type resourcetype (#2696).
  • Aborted jobs not purged from the database (#2692).
  • POST /storage/abc/rescan gives Internal Server Error (#2681).
  • No notification sent for file delete on readonly storage (#2675).
  • Create storage where method metadata key is missing gives 503 Service Unavailable (#2655).
  • POST /item/{id1}/relation/{id2} without direction gives NullPointerException (#2643).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transcoder dies when creating overlay on video (#2667).
  • Job fails on certain sequence renderings (#2779).

Agent fixes

  • Agent proxy URIs lost when jobs are accepted at the same time (#2717).
  • No progress for transfer jobs on agent (#2713).
  • Agent does not support named transcoder licenses (#2711).

Upgrading from 4.9

  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.