Version 4.6

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).



Bug fixes

  • Center aligned subtitles come out as left aligned after STL sidecar import (#2693).
  • Incorrect mime type of .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file (#2588).

Transcoder fixes

  • Time code does not reflect NTSC frame rate (#2767).
  • Interlacing setting is not respected in NLEJob (#2766).

Agent fixes

  • Overlay address not proxied by agent (#2687).
  • All jobs returned from agent when fetching running transcoder jobs only (#2658).



Bug fixes

  • Object on tape-only not restored properly from BlackPearl 3.x (#2670).
  • PUT or POST from JavaScript fails if no input is specified (#2660).
  • Incorrect noauth-URL returned from API/poster (#2666).

Transcoder fixes

  • Incorrect H264 level when using CBR (#2674).
  • Binary component not created for .srt files (#2661).
  • Transcoder does not recognize <setting><key>level</key> (#2646).
  • Duration analysis failing on audio-only MOV files (#2611).
  • Transcoder fails to calculate PTS to DTS ratio (I/O error2 - 22) (#2636).
  • Transcoder accessing files in parent folder (#2608).

Agent fixes

  • Username and password shown in agent log file (#2534).



Transcoder improvements

  • Add option to not remove padding from IMX packets in MOV (#2591).

Bug fixes

  • Update BlackPearl SDK to 3.2.8 (#2578).
  • Slow SFTP transfers (#2564).
  • Incorrect media type for ProTools (.ptx) files (#2558).
  • Server logs do not show meaningful error when VSA fails to compute checksum (#2557).
  • NPE when setting indextimespans=false and using item field groups (#2545).
  • BlackPearl writes failing if object prefix does not exist (#2531).

Transcoder fixes

  • High memory usage of idle transcoder (mmap threshold) (#2569).
  • Memory leak with multi-page images (#2573).
  • Huge transcoder log files (#2570).
  • Transcoder updates modification time on input file (#2460).

Agent fixes

  • Reconnecting VSA to SSH-less VS may lead to NPE in VS (#2590).
  • ValueError when adding S3/DS3 network share on CentOS 6 (#2567).



Bug fixes

  • Export job does not properly save files from being deleted (#2510).
  • Slow reindex of standalone files (#2507).
  • Library endpoints do not work with long identifiers (#2492).
  • Export job creates sidecar XML with extension .xml.xml when using filename script (#2473).
  • Cannot copy file between S3 and local S3 compatible storage (#2389).
  • NPE on container raw passkey import (#2433).
  • Waiting raw passkey import job not aborting (#2342).

Packaging fixes

  • Config file /etc/sysconfig/vidispine and license replaced on upgrade (#2497).

Transcoder fixes

  • Black video in Safari (#2511).
  • D-10 VITC lines should be removed from poster (#2509).
  • Transcoder does not handle content without aspect ration information (#2508).
  • Don’t create thumbnails for all layers in an image (#2472).

Agent fixes

  • VSA is sometimes creating SSH connections that are not released (#2514).
  • ConcurrentModificationException on agent reconnect (#2448).




Transcoder improvements

  • Improved handling of MXF files with incorrect footer position offsets (#2468).

Bug fixes

  • Index checker holding lock on sequence table (#2370).
  • Transient metadata of collection not updated when item is deleted (#2373).
  • Incorrect query for phrase search containing quotation marks (#2375).
  • “noescape” is affecting the result of version 2 search documents (#2376).
  • Invalid range request exceptions with DS3 (#2406).
  • Task servlets stops running without any error (#2410).
  • Possible NPE when reindexing items with thumbnails on S3 (#2418).
  • Transcode of a image sequence failed if the sequence number is padded (#2420).
  • VSA import fails if the file path contains a space (#2421).
  • VSA import fails if Vidispine server is restarted (#2422).
  • Image sequence export jobs failing with FAILED_TOTAL (#2426).
  • /APInoauth/stitch error - Comparison method violates its general contract! (#2431).
  • Regression: “s3ProxyValidTime” setting not working (#2434).
  • Deletion of entities should delete associated external IDs (#2443).
  • Possible NPE on EVS sidecar import (#2445).
  • Race between copy job and storage worker causing job to fail (#2462).
  • Demuxer settings not passed to transcoder for thumbnail jobs (#2461).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transcode failing for MPEG2 with truncated time base value (#2465).
  • Transcoder crashing on transcode of DNxHD with mixed interlaced and progressive frames (#2466).
  • Incorrect frame rate in WMV header for 30 FPS material (#2467).
  • Out-of-sync output for 23.967 MPEG PS (#2469).
  • Interlaced H264 incorrectly reported as progressive (#2470).
  • Black video in Safari for transcoded 29.97 FPS H264 (#2471).
  • Broken encoding of AAC in MP4 (#2425).
  • D10 blanking lines included in posters (#2463).
  • Incorrect scaling of posters from NTSC files (#2464).



Read-only instances

An instance can now be connected to a read-only database such as an Amazon RDS Read Replica, or a MySQL or PostgreSQL replica (#2292).

  type: read_only_replica

This can also be used to connect to a database snapshot that should not be modified.

  type: read_only_snapshot

Request- and search logging is still enabled by default when connected to a read replica/snapshot. This works by having updates submitted to a read-write instance using ActiveMQ. To disable this, use:

  requestLogging: false
  searchHistory: false

Image sequences

Image sequences can now be imported using the normal import jobs, or directly from a storage. When importing using a URI, the URI must contain a file fragment and a wildcard specifying the placement of the sequence number (#2296). See Image sequences.

POST API/import?uri=file:///srv/media/take1/*.png#file=00000-15000


CloudConvert can be used by Vidispine as an alternative transcoder. This is supported in all import and transcode jobs. See CloudConvert.

<ResourceDocument xmlns="">
POST /item/(item-id)/transcode?jobmetadata=useCloudConvert=true

Storage load balancing

Files can now be load balanced across multiple selected storages (#2149). For example, to have a file stored on at least two of the storages from a specific group:

<StorageRuleDocument xmlns="">

Additional storages could then be added to this group in case additional storage space is required.

Search improvements

VSA in cluster configuration

  • Support VSA connecting to Vidispine in a cluster configuration.

Other improvements

Bug fixes

  • Solr solrUpdateQueueSize setting not working (#2396).
  • XMP sidecar import not working if parseXMP=false (#2354).
  • MxfServerAccessControlBean uses a fixed connection ID (#2378).
  • Add multipart/form-data noauth import resource (#2380).


  • This release adds support for Ubuntu 16.04 and MySQL 5.7 (#2321).
  • The transcoder no longer auto-starts when installed, and will restart if already during upgrade (from 4.6 and forward).

Deprecated in 4.6

Discontinued in 4.6

  • Support for GlassFish has been discontinued. Use Standalone Vidispine instead.
  • Support for Java 7 has been discontinued. Use Java 8 instead.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server has been discontinued.

Upgrading from 4.5

  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.
  • Support for GlassFish has been discontinued. Use Standalone Vidispine instead.
  • Support for Java 7 has been discontinued. Use Java 8 instead.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server has been discontinued.