Version 4.13

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).



Microsoft SQL Server 2017

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 is now supported. Make sure to use the correct charset, collation and options when using SQL Server (#3091).

Codec improvements

  • DNxHR encoding (#3086).
  • DNxHD shape tag and license (#2886). For more information about DNxH* encoding, please see DNxHD.
  • Update Apple ProRes libraries to latest version in order to get support for ProRes4444XQ (#3103), see ProRes.

Thumbnailing using Vidinet

Vidinet transcoders can now be used to create thumbnails. Just specify the Vidinet resource when starting the thumbnail job to use Vidinet (#3046). Note that this only works when thumbnails are stored on S3.

POST /item/VX-45/thumbnail?createThumbnails=true&resourceId=VX-2

Improved field validation

Metadata fields can now be restricted to a certain set of values from a specific dataset. Multiple fields that are restricted to the same dataset can also be validated together (#3153). Retrieve all allowed values for a field, or return the allowed values given that another field has a specific value:

GET /metadata-field/test_city/allowed-values?constraint=test_state=New%20York
<ConstraintValueListDocument xmlns="">
  <value id="city:ny">New York City</value>

Command-line improvements

A retry flag has been added to the elasticsearch init, db init and db migrate commands. This removes the need for checking if the database/search index is online and reachable during automation (#3085).

$ vidispine db init --retry
$ vidispine db migrate --retry

The elasticsearch command has also been extended with a check command, similar to the db check command, that can be used to check if Elasticsearch needs to be initialized or not (#3016).

$ vidispine elasticsearch check

Server configuration file improvements

The Solr endpoint can now be specified in the server configuration file instead of using the solrPath configuration property (#3072).

  backend: solr


  • Add support for specifying KMS key (#3033).
  • Key-value parameter support for EJB notifications (#3167).
  • VSA cannot connect to VS due to too few SSH threads (#3168).
  • Use database instead of search engine for batch listing (#3166).
  • Display name of Vidinet service from GET API/resource/vidinet (#2989).
  • Storage group query parameter to limit API results (#2952).

Bug fixes

  • Slow API/version if resources are unavailable (#2871).
  • File move operation from SMB source storage doesn’t delete source file (#3133).
  • Invalid decoding/unescaping of smb:// credentials (#3094).
  • Audio waveform start query parameter is broken (#3088).
  • Storage rescan doesn’t work behind a reverse proxy (#3087).
  • Incorrect return code from Elasticsearch init command (#3051).
  • Long restrictions on metadata fields don’t work (#3083).
  • Metadata locks are not locking the metadata (#3013).
  • Inheritance should not be ignored on MetadataFieldGroups (#2992).
  • EJB notifications don’t work - beans are not found (#3090).

Transcoder fixes

  • Fix color issue of thumbnails/posters for certain CMYK PDFs (#3188).
  • Black frames bulky metadata is off-by-one after analyze (#3169).

Agent fixes

  • Per package log setting doesn’t work in VSA (#2763).


  • This release adds support for running Vidispine server with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (#3091).
  • The PostgreSQL JDBC driver that Vidispine server is using has been updated to the latest version (#2995).

Upgrading from 4.12

  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.