The license resource allows you to view and update your Vidispine license. It is also the entry point to use if the system is being used as a licensing provider.

Version and license

Get version and license information

GET /version

Display your license allowance and current system usage.

  • application/xml, application/jsonVersionDocument
  • text/plain – The version details in a informational text format.

The systemInfo element in the response shows the MAC addresses discovered on the local system. The MAC-address(es) in the license key must match that/those of your system.

Retrieve license file

GET /license

Retrieves the contents of the installed license file.

  • text/plain – The contents of the license file.

Slave management and monitoring

Install slave license on master node

PUT /license/slave
Query Parameters:
  • path – The name of the slave license file.

Install slave license on master node

POST /license/slave
  • text/plain – The content of the slave license file.

List all slaves

GET /license/slave

Returns a list of all the slave nodes connected to this master. Slaves that have not been seen for more than 180 minutes will not be available.


List slave license status

GET /license/slave/(id)

Returns information about the slave with the given id.

New in version 4.0.3.


Retrieve slave license file

GET /license/slave/(id)/license

Returns the slave license for a specific slave.


Remove slave instance

DELETE /license/slave/(id)

Removes the slave with the given id.

New in version 4.0.3.

List all installed slave licenses

GET /license/slave/license

Returns the id and SlaveIdentifier of all installed slave license on a master


List installed slave licenses by id

GET /license/slave/license/(id)

Returns the detail of an installed slave license with the given id


Install or update slave connection string

PUT /APInoauth/license/auth-info


PUT /APInoauth/license/auth-info
Content-Type: application/xml

<SlaveAuthInfoDocument xmlns="">

License validity and status can be seen from GET /version.