Version 4.8

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).



8K RED support

The transcoder has been updated to support 8K RED files (#2581).

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration

Improve transfer speeds using Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration (#2308). Enable using the acceleration parameter.

Aspera FASP storage transfers

Transfers between storages can now be made using Aspera FASP (#1508).


Bug fixes

  • Update BlackPearl SDK to 3.2.8 (#2578).
  • Incorrect job problem for import to specific storage (#2555).
  • GET API/document does not show first document (#2554).
  • Thumbnail jobs failing for image sequences (#2547).
  • Transaction timeout when letting agent compute checksums (#2546).
  • Hits not shown for API/document (#2535).
  • Using “” when searching for items can cause an NPE (#2524).
  • Cannot fail waiting job from JavaScript (#2456).
  • Cannot get item field-group using external id (#2455).
  • Missing role check for DELETE API/storage/file/{id}/entity (#2454).
  • Incorrect media type for image sequences (#2428).
  • Shape import creates file on wrong storage (#2231).
  • Cannot start placeholder import using external id (#2226).
  • VS creating copy jobs to read-only storages (#2225).

Transcoder fixes

Agent fixes

  • Reconnecting VSA to SSH-less VS may lead to NPE in VS (#2590).


  • This release adds support for running the server agent on Ubuntu 16.04 (#2568).

Upgrading from 4.7

  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.