Version 21.3




  • Enable preemptive authentication to Elasticsearch (#204100)

Bug fixes

  • Search index is not updated when access to a new collection is granted by adding a collection to a collection (#203437)
  • Authentication tokens not invalidated when user is disabled by LDAP sync (#202856)
  • Partial export does not work in vidinet (#202805)
  • Metadata dataset values not updated if skipidenticalmetadatavalues=true (#202614)

Transcoder fixes

  • Fix wrong aspect ratio for some files in NLE jobs (#201952)



Bug fixes

  • MetadataFieldGroup can’t be indexed (#200904)
  • SNS notification on Item Metadata Change did not include the value of metadata-field (#197443)




  • Send s3 uri with roleArn directly to Vidinet (#200658)
  • Bulkymetadata migration - delete bigtext entry directly (#199510)
  • Bulkymetadata migration - Balancing batchsize better (#199053)

Bug fixes

  • startTimecode from TranscodePreset isn’t copied to NLE output (#200667)
  • Keep a margin to EOF while reading growing files (#200355)
  • Some ACLs are lost after item been removed from a collection (#199502)
  • Bulkymetadata on storage - Deletion too slow, can cause ItemDeleteCruncher to time out (#199149)
  • Bulkymetadata migration - File access issues can kead to data loss (#199045)



Apache Log4j 2 Security Vulnerability

As mentioned here, VidiCore and its components are not affected by the recent Log4j Vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-45105)

However, as an extra precaution, we have upgraded the log4j dependency to 2.17.0 in VidiCore, and added -Dlog4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true in the Solr JVM property in this version. (#199184)

New features

  • Add a job.wait() javascript method (#197494)


  • Be able to configure VSA to terminate on connection problems (#197502)

Bug fixes

  • Fix Export location ignoring filen aming script when timespan is supplied (#198215)



Cloudconvert API v2 support

Support of Cloudconvert API V2 has been added. (#197500)

To setup a cloudconvert resource using the V2 API, add a version=2 property to the resource definition:

 <ResourceDocument xmlns="" version="2">

Check this section for more info


  • Solr: Improve cursor search speed on generic interval (#197486)
  • Remove extra cursor search request to the backend. (#197487)
  • Improve collection-to-collection joins search performance (#197484)

Bug fixes

  • Incorrect MCC ROLL_UP parsing (#198962)
  • Fix wrong MimeType (#198189)
  • Entities in a collection get non-recursive appliesTo ACL unexpectedly (#197508)
  • Always validating bucket region when using stsRegion (#197495)

Transcoder fixes

  • Fix regression since 5.3, where dropFrame flag didn’t show correct value (#197831)




  • Inefficient VidiCore startup check (#4943).
  • Better dataset validation error messages (#4939).
  • Only doing S3 URI validation for storages with methodTypes == NONE (#4916).
  • Ability to set fixed work delay for ReindexCruncher (#4906).
  • Add support for getting AWS credentials from EC2 roles with Glacier Vault (#4876).
  • Send shape modify notification if any child component has changed (#4633).

Bug fixes

  • Failed transcode step would close a growing file (#4938).
  • Too many parameter error in SQL query from group deletion on SQL Server (#4935).
  • Elasticsearch: highlight result missing from some of the timespan segments (#4933).
  • Search hit not correct on Elasticsearch if the query is using “facet with exclude” (#4925).
  • SNS notification on Item Metadata Change did not include the value of metadata-field (#4907).

Transcoder fixes

  • Keep outputting frames until end of interval (#190421).
  • Transfer job that can’t write to destination should fail (#190427)
  • Backport new R3D SDK to 5.5 and upwards (#190701)
  • Nablet XDCamHD encoder sets wrong GOP size (#191468)



New versioning scheme for VidiCore and VidiCoder

In order to align versions within the Vidispine product portfolio, the versioning scheme for VidiCore and VidiCoder has been changed to YEAR.QUARTER[.PATCH], e.g., 21.3, 21.3.1, 21.4, and 22.1. Users can still upgrade from any 5.x to 21.3 directly.

VidiNet Cognitive Service support in VidiCore

A number of new features and improvements has been added to support VidiNet Cognitive Service (VCS) on VidiNet:

For more information about how to setup and use VCS, please refer to the documentation on VidiNet.

Enhanced AWS IAM role support

User is now able to specify a roleARN parameter when setting up a AWS resource in VidiCore. It makes cross account access using IAM role possible. This is supported in S3 storages method, S3 Event SQS Notifications, SQS/SNS notification action

Proxying HTTP connection via a VSA

It’s now possible to use VSA as a HTTP proxy, so that the http javascript object in VidiCore is able to access on-prem resources:



  • Add external id when creating placeholder item (#4789).
  • Support for AWS Restore Notifications (S3:ObjectsRestore:Completed) for SQS and SNS (#4723).
  • Doing quota calculation in small chunks (#4931).
  • Return 503 instead of 401 when the database is down (#4910).
  • Include database in the health check endpoint: /APInoauth/is-online?checkdb=true (#4798).
  • Implementation of Wildcard/Regex within the path logs in Audit Trails (#4625).
  • Add a new collection/{id}/collection endpoint to fetch child collections (#4017).

Transcoder improvements

  • Allow pass-through of URIs in SequenceDocument to NLEJobDocuments (#4845).

Bug fixes

  • Possible integer overflow during timecode comparison (#4924).
  • VSA connections may lead to race conditions (#4909).