Version 21.4




  • Enable preemptive authentication to Elasticsearch (#204100)

Bug fixes

  • Search index is not updated when access to a new collection is granted by adding a collection to a collection (#203437)
  • Authentication tokens not invalidated when user is disabled by LDAP sync (#202856)
  • Partial export does not work in vidinet (#202805)
  • Metadata dataset values not updated if skipidenticalmetadatavalues=true (#202614)

Transcoder fixes

  • Fix wrong aspect ratio for some files in NLE jobs (#201952)
  • Improved handling of growing files (#205538)




  • Improve collection adding speed (#203018)
  • Improve VSA proxy selection logic and cache removal (#203011)
  • Improve caching in findSequence function for FCPXML (#201619)

Bug fixes

  • Partial export to export-locations lacking subpath ignores start/end (#202850)
  • VSA been removed from the cache incorrectly (#202352)
  • MetadataFieldGroup can’t be indexed (#200904)
  • SNS notification on Item Metadata Change did not include the value of metadata-field (#197443)
  • OAuth2 API Config gets reset after pausing and resuming Vidispine API instance in Vidinet/Vidispine Service (#196903)




  • Send s3 uri with roleArn directly to Vidinet (#200658)
  • Bulkymetadata migration - delete bigtext entry directly (#199510)
  • Bulkymetadata migration - Balancing batchsize better (#199053)

Bug fixes

  • Fix incorrect AUTO-VSA baseuri if there is a port conflict while starting VSA noauth service (#201523)
  • Can not import FCP projects with 10 fps clips (#201278)
  • startTimecode from TranscodePreset isn’t copied to NLE output (#200667)
  • Keep a margin to EOF while reading growing files (#200355)
  • Fix incorrect hostname in AUTO-VSA url (#200205)
  • Some ACLs are lost after item been removed from a collection (#199502)
  • Bulkymetadata on storage - Deletion too slow, can cause ItemDeleteCruncher to time out (#199149)
  • Bulkymetadata migration - File access issues can kead to data loss (#199045)



Apache Log4j 2 Security Vulnerability

As mentioned here, VidiCore and its components are not affected by the recent Log4j Vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-45105)

However, as an extra precaution, we have upgraded the log4j dependency to 2.17.0 in VidiCore, and added -Dlog4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true in the Solr JVM property in this version. (#199184)

New features

  • Add a job.wait() javascript method (#197494)
  • Allowing setting BucketOwnerFullControl flag while writing to S3 bucket (#197997)


  • Be able to configure VSA to terminate on connection problems (#197502)

Bug fixes

  • Fix Export location ignoring file naming script when timespan is supplied (#198215)
  • Entities in a collection get non-recursive appliesTo ACL unexpectedly (#197508)



HTTPS support in VSA

HTTPS is now supported in VSA by configuring a PKCS12 keystore:


Check this section for more info. (#197429)

Cloudconvert API v2 support

Support of Cloudconvert API V2 has been added. (#197500)

To setup a cloudconvert resource using the V2 API, add a version=2 property to the resource definition:

 <ResourceDocument xmlns="" version="2">

Check this section for more info

New features

  • Be able to perform Vidinet Baton QC job on a component (#197441)
  • Support IAB track in IMF import (#197235)


  • Solr: Improve cursor search speed on generic interval (#197486)
  • Remove extra cursor search request to the backend. (#197487)
  • Improve collection-to-collection joins search performance (#197484)
  • API request fails if the queryparam string exceeds 4000 chars (#191935)

Bug fixes

  • Always validating bucket region when using stsRegion (#197495)

Transcoder fixes

  • Support for extracting closed captions during shape deduction (#188066)
  • Thumbnail is 1 frame ahead of the persisted timecode in the URI (#189540)
  • Crop frames instead of scaling them if difference is only 1 pixel (#190419)
  • Support for deinterlacing in render jobs (#190537)
  • Audio/video is out of sync for certain mkv files (#190582)
  • FFmpeg upgraded from 4.3 to 4.4 (#190661)
  • Failures during poster generating for file, new demuxerSetting maxSourceWorkers added (#197661)
  • Transcoder crash on specific MXF source file (#197794)
  • Support to do rendering of sequences/transitions in YUV colorspace to improve performance (#190852)
  • Shape information says dropFrame=False even though it should be true (#197831)

Upgrading from 21.3

  • Run db migrate to update database schema