Version 22.1




  • Enable preemptive authentication to Elasticsearch (#204100)

Bug fixes

  • Search index is not updated when access to a new collection is granted by adding a collection to a collection (#203437)
  • Authentication tokens not invalidated when user is disabled by LDAP sync (#202856)
  • Partial export does not work in vidinet (#202805)
  • Metadata dataset values not updated if skipidenticalmetadatavalues=true (#202614)

Transcoder fixes

  • Fix problem where NLEjobs stalled for PCM32 to PRM16 audio conversion (#202543)
  • Fix wrong aspect ratio for some files in NLE jobs (#201952)
  • Improved handling of growing files (#205538)




  • Improve collection adding speed (#203018)
  • Improve VSA proxy selection logic and cache removal (#203011)
  • Improve caching in findSequence function for FCPXML (#201619)
  • Be able to extract cc from the shape update endpoint (#197490)

Bug fixes

  • Partial export to export-locations lacking subpath ignores start/end (#202850)
  • VSA been removed from the cache incorrectly (#202352)
  • MetadataFieldGroup can’t be indexed (#200904)
  • SNS notification on Item Metadata Change did not include the value of metadata-field (#197443)
  • OAuth2 API Config gets reset after pausing and resuming Vidispine API instance in Vidinet/Vidispine Service (#196903)



Closed caption extraction and burn-in

The workflow of extracting closed caption (cc) data from video and burn-in cc into the lowres file has been improved in this release (#197489).

The cc data will be extracted as item metadata if the extractCc parameter is set to true on placeholder/raw import jobs. And the extracted cc data will be burned into the proxy file if a shape tag with burnSubtitles=true


For example, to extract and burn-in cc at the same time during an import job, use:

POST /import?uri=...&extractCc=true&tag=burnsubtitle-tag

Be able to add custom notification metadata on delete endpoints

It’s now possible to attach custom metadata to item, shape or file deletion requests using the notificationMetadata parameter. For example:

DELETE /storage/file/{file-id}?notificationMetadata=deletion-reason=workflow1

The custom metadata will be included in the corresponding entity deletion notification.

New features

  • Be able to set framerate on image sequence import (#197468)
  • Add item or collection in a collection using external-Id (#197335)


  • Send s3 uri with roleArn directly to Vidinet (#200658)
  • Bulkymetadata migration - delete bigtext entry directly (#199510)
  • Bulkymetadata migration - Balancing batchsize better (#199053)
  • Switch to use bytea instead of large object for postgresql (#198875)
  • Attach user name to the notification (#197355)

Bug fixes

  • Fix incorrect AUTO-VSA baseuri if there is a port conflict while starting VSA noauth service (#201523)
  • Can not import FCP projects with 10 fps clips (#201278)
  • startTimecode from TranscodePreset isn’t copied to NLE output (#200667)
  • Keep a margin to EOF while reading growing files (#200355)
  • Fix incorrect hostname in AUTO-VSA url (#200205)
  • Some ACLs are lost after item been removed from a collection (#199502)
  • Bulkymetadata on storage - Deletion too slow, can cause ItemDeleteCruncher to time out (#199149)
  • Bulkymetadata migration - File access issues can kead to data loss (#199045)

Transcoder fixes

  • Support for extracting timed text subtitles (#200249)
  • Support for specifiying framerate when transcoding image sequences
  • Support for setting start timecode of NLE jobs

Upgrading from 21.4

  1. Database migration is needed to migrate all columns of oid type to bytea type.
  2. Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.