Migration from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch

As Elastisearch 6.8 has reached EOL, the support has been dropped in VidiCore and has been replaced with the OpenSearch backend instead. The same features used by VidiCore previously in Elasticsearch is still available when switching to OpenSearch.

See this section for more information.

New features

  • Add support for own certificates in JavaScript scripts (#202532)
  • Be able to search item or collection by GENERIC ACLs for ES and Solr (#201807)
  • Migration from ElasticSearch to OpenSearch (#201603)
  • Import FCPXML and translate into item sequence on source item (#201486)
  • Only return inherited metadata within the item’s timespan (#198556)


  • Add Transient metadata field __owner (#203433)
  • Add resourceTag to VSA (#201767)
  • Add support to detect changed file metadata during initial storage scan after startup (#204352)
  • Enable preemptive authentication to Elasticsearch (#204100)
  • Improve autocomplete performance for facet search with ES (#203477)
  • Improve collection adding speed (#203018)
  • Improve VSA proxy selection logic and cache removal (#203011)
  • Enable FileWorkerIsWatchable interface for external plugins (#202096)
  • Add read role for configuration properties (#201979)
  • Add resourceTag to Storage Method (#201766)
  • Add resourceTag to Storage (#201765)
  • Add resourceTag to Storage Group (#201764)
  • Improve caching in findSequence function for FCPXML (#201619)
  • Be able to extract cc from the shape update endpoint (#197490)

Bug fixes

  • Search index is not updated when access to a new collection is granted by adding a collection to a collection (#203437)
  • Authentication tokens not invalidated when user is disabled by LDAP sync (#202856)
  • Partial export to export-locations lacking subpath ignores start/end (#202850)
  • Partial export does not work in vidinet (#202805)
  • Metadata dataset values not updated if skipidenticalmetadatavalues=true (#202614)
  • VSA been removed from the cache incorrectly (#202352)
  • MetadataFieldGroup can’t be indexed (#200904)
  • SNS notification on Item Metadata Change did not include the value of metadata-field (#197443)
  • Failed to move file in the same VXA storage (#197156)
  • OAuth2 API Config gets reset after pausing and resuming Vidispine API instance in Vidinet/Vidispine Service (#196903)

Transcoder fixes

  • Support for decoding ipcm audio (#205415`)
  • Debian package names updated to same syntax and detail level as RPM packages (#201983)
  • Support for outputting logs in JSON format (#199156)
  • Improved bitrate detection of DV files (#202652)
  • Support for demuxer settings in NLE jobs (#203403)
  • As default write SPS/PPS to every I-frame (#203097)
  • Fix audio decoding issue for certain R3D files (#204824)
  • Added new transition DipColorDissolve for dip to black/white transitions (#201983)
  • Keep timebase from source timecode (#203601)
  • Improved support for EDL entries that delays a track (#203581)
  • Remove support for AAFGeneratorJobs (#200217)
  • Fix problem where NLEjobs stalled for PCM32 to PRM16 audio conversion (#202543)
  • Fix wrong aspect ratio for some files in NLE jobs (#201952)
  • Improved handling of growing files (#205538)