Version 4.11

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).




  • Performance improvements on updating much referenced metadata (#3129).

Bug fixes

  • Missing subtitle text from imported SCC file (#3242).
  • Incorrect output length when rendering NTSC sequence (#3240).
  • Fix transcode failure if one of the transcode presets has “noVideo=true” and “noAudio=true” (#2988).



Transcoder improvements

  • Enable further codec optimizations (#3079).

Bug fixes

  • Relation already exists error when running db migrate against lastest PostgreSQL (#3084).
  • Better thumbnail handling for videos with varying framerate (#3076).
  • Fix NPE when talking to the CeriTalk API in Aurora (#3040).

Transcoder fixes

  • JPG CMYK colorshift when converting to PNG (#2979).



Transcoder improvements

  • Improved handling of MXF files with Open Partitions (#2951).
  • Enable higher AAC bitrates (#2929).
  • Support image overlays also for conform jobs (#2910).
  • Improved memory handling in transcoder (less heap usage) (#2872).

Bug fixes

  • Silent audio channels when rendering item with discrete audio components (#2967).
  • Demuxer settings from preset not used for conform jobs (#2934).
  • Frame rate and audio layout different across conform and transcode jobs (#2923).
  • Reindexing collections stops certain item searches from working (#2917).
  • StackOverflowError when changing access on collection with many grandchild-collections (#2909).
  • Burn-in timecodes not working with conform jobs (#2883).

Transcoder fixes

  • DNx Transcodes not working (#2937).
  • Transcode progress missing from conform jobs (#2905).
  • Bug in H.264 generation at high bitrates (#2894).
  • Files encoded with Vidispine cause a crash in Avid MediaComposer (#2888).
  • Transcoder media time is incorrect for AES3 audio (#2885).
  • Incorrect resolution of Canon Raw file (CR2) (#2877).




This release brings support for using services from our new media services platform Vidinet. Both transcode and quality control services are supported, and you can of course request cost estimates before using the services (#2781).

GET /resource/vidinet
<ResourceListDocument xmlns="">

Private key authentication for SFTP

Authentication using private keys is now supported for SFTP. This is supported for both storages and transfers (#2799).

Documentation in WADL

The application WADL has been updated to include documentation for methods and query and matrix parameters (#2832).

S3 part size selection

The S3 upload part size is now automatically increased to better handle uploads of large files. Files up to 3.5 TB are now supported without any further configuration (#2846).


Bug fixes

  • Media check of file on SFTP storage never finishing (#2822).
  • Cannot export file to directory that does not exist using SFTP (#2823).
  • Missing role checks for item resource (#2815).
  • Slow library item metadata update jobs (#2603).
  • Add hashing algorithm in the file hash notification (#2841).
  • SCC and srt sidecar files should not be auto-imported by default (#2833).
  • Indexing halting when adding a date field with index=extend (#2788).
  • Not able to update group by UUID if there are multiple groups with the same name (#2761).
  • Search for groups not containing field return internal server error (#2652).
  • NPE on import if all storages are full (#2861).
  • Empty timestamps returned when using path projections (#2858).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transcode failing with numberOfPackets error on auto-import if fast start is enabled (#2798).

Upgrading from 4.10

  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.