Version 4.15

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).



Bug fixes

  • CloudConvert script not evaluated for essence import jobs (#3827).
  • File on StorNext archive not shown as ARCHIVED (#3824).
  • File on Glacier Deep Archive not shown as ARCHIVED (#3823).
  • Can’t import to placeholder that was created before upgrade to 4.16.1 (#3693).
  • Too large document_text causing too large messages on the index queue (#3669).

Transcoder fixes

  • Slow media check of tar file on S3 storage (#3835).

Agent fixes

  • Shape deduction by agent fails for file on S3 with special characters (#3563).



Bug fixes

  • Move metadata migration fails if target group exists (#3708).
  • Failing to reindex collection if the collection number is high (#3668).
  • Incorrect normalization of combining characters for JSON (#3663).
  • Filename scripts that fail due to a temporary error causes jobs to fail instead of retry (#3573).
  • Transcoding documents using CloudConvert fails (#3533).

Transcoder fixes

  • MPEG-TS erroneously detected as MPEG-PS (#3666).
  • Closed captions not recognized in MXF (#3620).
  • Transcoder hangs on media check of tar file with encrypted MXF (#3559).
  • Automatically adjust odd dimensions for H.264 output (#3414).



Bug fixes

  • Slow update of Vidinet job status (#3507).
  • db migrate from version 4.14.1 to 4.15 fails on MS SQL Server (#3503).
  • Content-Disposition header support missing for schemes: file, smb, azure (#3496).
  • Relative date search with Elasticsearch gives HTTP 500 (#3489).
  • Shape import to placeholder does not set mimeType on item (#3475).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transcode job fails for .tga file during raw import (#3557).
  • Transcoder crash if MP3 encoder receives unsupported input, track with more than 2 channels (#3504).
  • Transcoder crashes with unsupported TrueHD input (#3497).



Bug fixes

  • Shape metadata not saved when creating a placeholder shape (#3410).
  • Transcoder DNS discovery not using hostname in TLS session (#3468).
  • Faceted search with transient fields returns an incorrect field name against Solr (#3402).
  • Display values for metadata dataset fields are not returned in /API/item/VX-NN?content=metadata (#3234).
  • API/import/imf not honouring Vidinet transcoder (#3484).
  • All files get the same componentOriginalFilename when importing to placeholder item in bulk (#3411).
  • Metadata field originalFilename not set when using raw placeholder import (#3469).
  • Sequence render request ignores destinationItem parameter (#2638).
  • Deletion lock incorrectly prevent storage cleanup or file removal (#3466).
  • Multiple items created if storage exception is thrown when creating entities. (#3404).
  • Import failing when using asterisks (*) in filename (#3376).
  • URI content parameter ignores the version parameter (#2790).
  • File sequence marked as MISSING during long transcode (#3500).
  • HTTP 500 Server error for timed out APInoauth URL (#3485).
  • Incorrect exit status from vidispine-admin db-apiinit (#3435).
  • Collection creation with attached field group gets progressively slower (#3470).
  • CloudConvert job failing if external identifier is used (#3392).
  • Wildcard text query with uppercase characters failing with Elasticsearch (#3320).
  • NPE when transcoding file on FTP (#3478).
  • Placeholder imports to the same item fail with optimistic locking errors on clustered systems (#3477).
  • Importing to a full storage creates a never ending job (#3181).
  • Exporting using URL with query parameters generates a metadata file without .xml extension (#3480).
  • FileNotFoundException in server log when using slave licensing (#3408).
  • Metadata subgroups remain in search results after item/collection is deleted (#3196).

Transcoder fixes

  • Wrong field order information from ProRes files (#3461).

Agent fixes

  • VSA tries to re-connect to VS behind load balancer too aggressively (#3482).



AWS Elemental MediaConvert

Transcoding using AWS Elemental MediaConvert is now supported via Vidinet (#3420) for files on S3.

<ResourceDocument xmlns="">
    <name>My AWS MediaConvert</name>

To transcode with the new Vidinet resource you need a new shape-tag with the mediaconvert tag in it.

 <TranscodePresetDocument xmlns="">
     BROADCAST, XDCAM, MXF, MPEG2 HD422, WAV, 16x9 DAR, 1920x1080p, 23.98 Hz, 50 Mbps CBR
       { "Type": "SYSTEM", "Category": "BROADCAST-XDCAM", ... }

Temporary credentials for S3/Azure

It is now possible to generate temporary credentials for S3 (#3389). These credentials are limited to a specific object and expire after a user defined time period.

POST /storage/file/VX-56/uri?scheme=s3&write=true
<URIListDocument xmlns="">

If you prefer to work with HTTP, then pre-signed HTTP URLs can be requested instead. This works with both S3 and Azure Blob Storage.

POST /storage/file/VX-98/uri?scheme=http&write=true
<URIListDocument xmlns="">


Vidispine can be configured to emit Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) heades (#3299). For example, to configure that web application running on may access the API:

<CORSConfigurationDocument xmlns="">

Deletion locks

It’s now possible to set deletion locks on collections, items and files, to prevent them from been moved or deleted (#3283).

<DeletionLockDocument xmlns="" >

Deletion locks can be inherited from parent to child entities, and used in searches. They also support notifications.

New features

  • Get storage that would be used for ingest (#3390).
  • Transcoder discovery via SRV records for secure HTTPS transcoder URLs (#3388).


Transcoder improvements

  • Remove incorrect file and folder name in shape metadata (#3433).

Bug fixes

  • Old items/files not removed from Solr after reindex (#3432).
  • Placeholder raw import for binary files fail due to NPE (#3349).
  • Search index not updated after adding/removing item sequences (__sequence_size) (#3346).
  • HTTP 401 when fetching components for shape (#3343).
  • Jobs gets stuck if defaultTranscoder is not a valid Vidinet resource (#3328).
  • Self tests halting on transcode self test failure (#3325).
  • HTTP 500 on transcoder resources when schema validation is enabled (#3307).
  • HTTP 500 when fetching job and specifying custom timezone (#3225).
  • HTTP 404 on import request using shape-tag with comma in name (#3213).
  • Can’t set user metadata when creating a new user (#2926).
  • Incorrect “loc” element for access controls (#2879).
  • Not able to set metadata-field values using JSON (#2755).

Upgrading from 4.14

  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.
  • The type of job that is created for the placeholder raw import request has changed from THUMBNAIL/TRANSCODE to PLACEHOLDER_IMPORT.