Version 4.5

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).



Bug fixes

  • Center aligned subtitles come out as left aligned after STL sidecar import (#2693).
  • Incorrect mime type of .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file (#2588).

Agent fixes

  • Overlay address not proxied by agent (#2687).
  • All jobs returned from agent when fetching running transcoder jobs only (#2658).



Bug fixes

  • Incorrect noauth-URL returned from API/poster (#2666).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transcoder fails to calculate PTS to DTS ratio (I/O error2 - 22) (#2636).
  • Transcoder accessing files in parent folder (#2608).



Transcoder fixes

  • High memory usage of idle transcoder (mmap threshold) (#2569).
  • Memory leak with multi-page images (#2573).
  • Huge transcoder log files (#2570).



Bug fixes

  • Incorrect media type for ProTools (.ptx) files (#2558).
  • NPE when setting indextimespans=false and using item field groups (#2545).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transcoder updates modification time on input file (#2460).



Bug fixes

  • Export job does not properly save files from being deleted (#2510).
  • Slow reindex of standalone files (#2507).
  • Sidecar import of STL file fails “Failed to parse sidecar file: EOF” (#2506).
  • Export job creates sidecar XML with extension .xml.xml when using filename script (#2473).
  • Possible NPE when reindexing items with thumbnails on S3 (#2418).

Server fixes

  • Config file /etc/sysconfig/vidispine and license replaced on upgrade (#2497).

Transcoder fixes

  • D-10 VITC lines should be removed from poster (#2509).
  • Transcoder does not handle content without aspect ration information (#2508).
  • Don’t create thumbnails for all layers in an image (#2472).



Bug fixes

  • File copy failing between S3 and S3 compatible storages (#2389).
  • NPE on container raw passkey import (#2433).
  • Fix waiting raw passkey import job not aborting (#2342).

Transcoder fixes

  • Broken encoding of AAC in MP4 (#2425).



Bug fixes

  • Notification without media type causing notifications to not be sent (#2384).
  • Cannot connect to S3 endpoint that requires v2 signatures (#2383).
  • Use the storage with more free capacity using the high watermark evacuation (#2359).
  • Do not move file to a storage without enough free space duration high watermark evacuation (#2360).
  • Thumbnails on S3 sometimes cannot be updated (#2386).
  • Updating thumbnails on S3 causing item reindex to fail (#2385).

Server fixes

  • Index messages not rolled back on error (#2348).

Transcoder fixes

  • Accurate editing of audio-only MXF files (#2394).



Security notice

  • Fix for CVE-2016-3714.

    Although it is not likely that Vidispine systems are affected, as Vidispine does its own file type checking, the updated transcoder contains the suggested fix to the ImageMagick policy.xml (#2331).

Bug fixes

  • PSQLException when deleting item with large metadata (#2330).
  • Slow mime-type check causing steps to disappear and retry (#2332).
  • NPE when retrieving empty access control list (#2288).
  • Collection metadata update with skipForbidden=True allows update of read-only fields (#2340).
  • Azure HTTP x-ms-version header error (#2338).
  • Fix duplicate keys when batch deleting AWS SQS messages (#2312).
  • Error showing collection access graph if collection has ancestors (#2286).
  • HTTP 500 when fetching components using content path and query result is empty (#2337).
  • Library empty if hits greater than number of returned items (#2301).
  • HTTP 500 when fetching default values for item with field groups (#2336).
  • No jobMetadata for thumbnail job (#2329).
  • S3 storage handler cannot successfully refresh from buckets via Google Storage Interoperability (#2300).

Server fixes

  • Missing unique constraints on collection relationship tables (#2252).
  • RPM upgrade recreates deployment License.lic which overrides slaveAuth.lic (#2307).
  • Force server to use LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 (#2311).
  • Adjust start and stop priority for vidispine service on CentOS (#2150).

Transcoder fixes

  • Correct shape deduction of MPEG transport streams with large frame sizes (#2309).

  • Handle content where SPS/PPS does not match container timebase (#2335).

  • Properly handle mixing of audio-only MXFs (#2281).

  • For FLV files, read dimensions from container metadata instead of codec data (which is typically rounded up to the multiple of 8) (#2339).

  • Fix for calculation of burnt-in timecode for QuickTime source sources contains EDLs (#2334).

  • Properly handle MPEG-2 with separate field encoding (#2333).

    For MPEG-2 interlaced video where fields are encoded separately, and stored in MPEG transport stream, use the following setting in the transcode preset document:


    This will be the default in Vidispine 4.6.




  • The MatrixStore SDK has been updated from to This fixes an exception when reading XML files from MatrixStore (#2246).

Bug fixes

  • Solr self test fails when using SolrCloud (#1974).
  • Incorrect Solr query when using nested OR operators (#2274).
  • Jobs not running on MySQL (SQLGrammarException) (#2245).
  • Slow update of user groups (#2272).
  • Missing object metadata in MatrixStore (MXFS_FILENAME_UPPER) (#2271).
  • SFTP file worker connection leak on file delete (#2249).
  • IllegalArgumentException on item list to Azure (#2254).
  • Moving a metadata timespan breaks references (#2218).
  • Slow access DOT graph for items in a large amount of collections (#2251).
  • No thumbnails created for certain files with an EDL (#2273).
  • No document metadata for PDF files when transcoding on import (#2257).

Server fixes

  • vidispine-admin failing if database URL contains port number (#2266).

Agent fixes

  • Incorrect transcode output written to S3 and DS3 by VSA (#2276).
  • Incorrect exit code from vidispine-agent-admin (#2267).

Transcoder fixes

  • Added ability to use MainConcept MPEG-2 encoder (codec: mc_mpeg2video) for generic MPEG-2 for maximum control of encoding properties (#2279).
  • Fixed problem canvas size when scaling images with non-proportional factors (#2268).
  • Fix crash when using demuxerSetting and exception is thrown (#2282).
  • PDF page count in shape metadata (image_pages) (#2283).
  • Support image sharpening (#2278).
  • Use DTS as fallback for missing PTS values (#2259).
  • Long MediaInfo times for fragmented files (#2277).
  • Handle WAV file with metadata of odd number of bytes (#2258).



Vidispine agent with S3 compatible storages

The agent has been updated to support S3 compatible storages as shares. This allows on-premise storages and archives to be connected to VS via the agent (#2174).

Spectra Logic BlackPearl

Support for connecting Spectra Logic BlackPearl storage systems with Spectra S3 interface (#2049). Works for both Vidispine and Vidispine Agent. Connect as storage using the ds3 scheme. MD5, CRC32 and CRC32c checksums are supported.

Color profiles

Color profiles management has been improved for PDFs (#2242) and bitmap images (#2244). Color profiles can now be detected from XMP metadata. Several profiles are now bundled with the transcoder. See Image-only settings.

Content paths and aliases

The item search resources have been updated with support for content paths and aliases. This allows for reduced response sizes and improved performance when fetching content relating to an item (#2133).

GET API/item?p=id,v(title),shape[tag=original].containerComponent.[format,file]
<ItemListDocument xmlns="">
  <item id="VX-481945">
      <timespan start="-INF" end="+INF">
          <value>Stand On The Rock</value></field>

The batch list job and list library job has also been updated to support content paths.

Search improvements

Full-text queries can now be used in search operators (#2126). This allows you to for example find collections matching one text query and that contain items matching another text query.

<ItemSearchDocument xmlns="">
  <operator operation="OR">
    <operator operation="AND">
      <operator operation="AND">
        <text>Sooner or later</text>

When searching for metadata field groups you can now opt to search for field groups only from items, collections, document or the global metadata (#2156).

PUT /metadata-field/field-group?source=item
Content-Type: application/xml

<MetadataFieldGroupSearchDocument xmlns="">
    <value>Listen up</value>

The performance of metadata updates on systems containing a large number of references has also been improved (#2145).

External identifiers

Collections and libraries now both support external ids (#1335).

Collection metadata improvements

The collection metadata resource has been updated with a number of endpoints that were previously only available for the item metadata.

  • It is now possible to view and manage change sets for a collection just as with an item (#2140).
  • Metadata on collections can now also be moved and modified by UUID. (#2155).

Export templates

Export templates are available as a beta version. The beta version means that syntax may change somewhat for the final implementation. This version is also a call for feedback for other functionality that you would like to see (#2117).

Other improvements

  • The Amazon S3 infrequent access storage class is now supported (#2184).
  • Libraries can now be listed using the list library resource, making it possible to more easily list a specific set of items (#2139).
  • The position and style of burnt in timecodes can now be customized per preset (#2104).
  • External transcodes support using non-local watchfolders (#2240).
  • Support for adding custom JARs with vidispine-server (#2208).

Bug fixes

  • Possible NPE when importing EVS sidecar XML (#2178).
  • Deleting conflicting metadata in one request (#2118).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transcoder crash on moof files with traf without streams (#2243).
  • Transcoder uses a new ImageMagick, that fixes color issues with certain PDF/PS.
  • Transcoder exposes some HTTP buffer settings, see HTTP buffer sizes.

Deprecated in 4.5

Support for GlassFish is being phased out and will be removed in Vidispine 4.6. We recommend that you switch to Installation when upgrading to Vidispine 4.3 or later.

Removed in 4.5

Support for JBoss has been discontinued. Use Installation instead.

Upgrading from 4.4

  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.
  • Support for JBoss has been discontinued. Use Installation instead.