Version 4.7

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).



Bug fixes

  • JDBC connection not returned to pool on thread interrupt/XA exception (#2754).
  • Infinispan stale locks problem (#2775).
  • Imports using AWS presigned URLs fail with HTTP 403 (#2863).
  • Incorrect container component after auto-import of growing file (#2859).
  • Failed to delete an item if its bulky metadata contain null values (#2857).
  • Incorrect data in file, storage and metadata notification (#2838).
  • Auto-completion not case insensitive for string-exact fields (#2780).



Bug fixes

  • Center aligned subtitles come out as left aligned after STL sidecar import (#2693).
  • Incorrect mime type of .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file (#2588).

Transcoder fixes

  • Corrupt mp4 output created (#2768).
  • Time code does not reflect NTSC frame rate (#2767).
  • Interlacing setting is not respected in NLEJob (#2766).

Agent fixes

  • Overlay address not proxied by agent (#2687).
  • All jobs returned from agent when fetching running transcoder jobs only (#2658).



Bug fixes

  • Transfers from vxa:// uri to file:// does not work (NPE) (#2616).
  • Object on tape-only not restored properly from BlackPearl 3.x (#2670).
  • PUT or POST from JavaScript fails if no input is specified (#2660).
  • Incorrect noauth-URL returned from API/poster (#2666).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transcoder crashes when using burnTimecode=true (#2642).
  • Transcoder crash on converting MP3 to JPEG (!) (#2625).
  • Transcoder crash on JPEG input (#2624).
  • Transcoder stuck on media check of ISO files (high swapfile usage) (#2505).
  • Incorrect H264 level when using CBR (#2674).
  • Binary component not created for .srt files (#2661).
  • Transcoder does not recognize <setting><key>level</key> (#2646).
  • Duration analysis failing on audio-only MOV files (#2611).
  • Transcoder fails to calculate PTS to DTS ratio (I/O error2 - 22) (#2636).
  • Transcoder accessing files in parent folder (#2608).

Agent fixes

  • Agent not finding files with brackets, %20 and %21 in file name (#2610).



Transcoder improvements

  • Add option to not remove padding from IMX packets in MOV (#2591).

Agent improvements

  • Have option not to create storages in Vidispine (#2594).
  • Do not use the “instance host” field for shares with VSA (#2593).
  • FTP connections should be reused (#2575).

Bug fixes

  • Update BlackPearl SDK to 3.2.8 (#2578).
  • Slow SFTP transfers (#2564).
  • Incorrect media type for ProTools (.ptx) files (#2558).
  • Server logs do not show meaningful error when VSA fails to compute checksum (#2557).
  • NPE when setting indextimespans=false and using item field groups (#2545).
  • BlackPearl writes failing if object prefix does not exist (#2531).
  • File permission self test failing on CentOS 6 (#2565).
  • File ETag not in double quotes (#2513).
  • Excessive logging on slave license validation error (#2484).

Transcoder fixes

  • High memory usage of idle transcoder (mmap threshold) (#2569).
  • Memory leak with multi-page images (#2573).
  • Huge transcoder log files (#2570).

Agent fixes

  • Reconnecting VSA to SSH-less VS may lead to NPE in VS (#2590).
  • ValueError when adding S3/DS3 network share on CentOS 6 (#2567).
  • VSA remove-share not removed from Vidispine Server (#2589).
  • Shares cannot be removed in VSA mode (#2563).
  • Agent disconnecting due to buffer underflow (#2562).
  • Requests to agent fail with HTTP 415 Unsupported media type (#2560).
  • Username and password shown in VXA log (#2534).



External storage of private keys and secrets

Storage credentials and private keys can now be stored in an external location and no longer need to be embedded in the storage URI (#2482).

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage buckets can now be used as storages and with any job accepting a URI. See the gs scheme for details (#2322).

MatrixStore 3.2

The MatrixStore SDK has been updated from version 3.1 to version 3.2. This allows Vidispine to connect to MatrixStore 3.2 clusters. It is still possible to use the 3.1 SDK instead by installing an optional subpackage, see Upgrade notes (#2437).

Command line tools

The vsctl command line tool can be used to query, inspect and update Vidispine (#2436). For example, to get a glance of the status of a system:

$ vsctl -h status
Version: 4.7
Site: VX
License: valid

 1 online transcoders
 12 online storages, 5 offline
 0 pending jobs, 7 waiting jobs, 0 job problems


- Capacity of storage VX-2671 is above the high watermark and needs cleanup


Dropwizard has been updated to 1.0 which uses Jetty 9.3 (#2432). This adds support for the HTTP/2 over TLS (h2) and HTTP/2 Plain Text (h2c) server connectors:

- type: h2c
  port: 8088
- type: h2
  port: 8081
  keyStorePath: /etc/vidispine/server.keystore
  keyStorePassword: example
  validateCerts: false
  validatePeers: false


Transcoder improvements

  • Support for transcoding image sequences in ARRIRAW or OpenEXR format (#2499). Note that performance is quite slow.
  • Support for transcoding image sequences in DNG format. Note that performance is quite slow (#2429).
  • Improved rendering of Arabic subtitles (#2427).

Bug fixes

  • Thumbnails not deleted from S3 storage (#2523).
  • Library updates slowing down indexing (#2494).
  • Incorrect result when listing files with “&” in path, using the “path” parameter (#2483).
  • Schema validation not performed for item with assigned field group (#2423).
  • Possible duplicate document entries due to concurrent creations (#2414).
  • Transcode job retry failing with missing file error (#2400).
  • Path projection not working for inherited metadata (#2419).
  • PUT API/item/(id)/sequence/vidispine does not accept JSON (#2397).
  • Exception stack traces in server log if license server is offline (#2500).
  • Self test failing on transcoder directory resource (#2489).
  • Transcode self test not using configured reverse address (#2487).
  • Thumbnail self test fails for direct+ URLs (#1642).
  • No websocket updates for new VXA registrations (#2447).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transcoder updates modification time on input file (#2460).

Agent fixes

  • When VSA is reconnecting, running transcode jobs cannot connect to same upload port (#2522).

Upgrading from 4.6

  • Solr: The Solr schema must be updated to use the new long integer datatype.
  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.
  • Version 3.2 of the MatrixStore SDK is now installed by default. The vidispine-server-matrixstore3.1 package must be installed to connect to MatrixStore 3.1.