Version 5.2

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).



New features


  • Be able to choose which transcoder to use for an essence import job using the resourceId parameter.(#4458).
  • Improved IMF support (#4427).
  • Support case-insensitive sorting in search (#4406).
  • Add ‘vidinetJobId’ and ‘vidinetResourceId’ to analyze job metadata (#4401).

Bug fixes

  • Vidispine server fails to send/create essence version job to Vidinet (#4422).
  • Deletion-lock document shows wrong information when long identifier is set (#4387).
  • Reindexing fails if an “recursive=true” ACL is applied to an entity with a lot of sub-entities. (#4367).
  • Empty thumbnail result when the “version” query parameter is “all” (#4310).
  • Metadata not updated after deleting essence version (#4279).

Agent fixes

  • Import from VSA where path contains whitespace fails (#4407).



New features

  • Global setting for default job type priority (#4351).
  • Be able to configure concurrency limit by job type (#4076).


  • Filter out users that are being deleted from the result of “GET /user” (#4302).
  • Be able to create projectVersion with file path containing spaces (#4361).
  • Be able to set “duration” to 1 minute for pre-signed URLs (#4336).
  • Closing raw file chunks should be asynchronous (#4238).
  • Allow overlapping subtitle elements (#3847).

New transcoder features

  • Extract SEI frame timestamp (#4325).

Bug fixes

  • Thumbnails incorrectly removed after essence version deletions (#4344).
  • Users can not write their own metadata via the metadata endpoint (#4338).
  • NPE while closing a file if its storage contains a storage method with unsupported scheme (#4334).
  • Cannot create collection with schema validation enabled without specifying bogus collection id (#4236).
  • PUT request with empty body does not work from JavaScript (#4175).
  • In some cases, thumbnails were not deleted after an item had been removed. (#4021).
  • SCC import removes spaces around italic markers (#3737).

Transcoder fixes

  • Overlays are not working properly for YUV422P16 pixel formats (#4286).

Agent fixes

  • Files with semicolon in path do not import using VSA (#4230).



CentOS 8

CentOS 8 is now supported (#4261). Packages can be found in the repository.

Notification improvements

It’s now possible to send notifications to an Amazon SNS topic (#4149) using configurations like:

<NotificationDocument xmlns="">
    <sns synchronous="false">

Support for Amazon SQS FIFO (First-In-First-Out) queues has been added as well (#3453). See here.

Support job facet counts

A /job/search endpoint has been added to support facet counts of jobs (#4229):

PUT /job/search
Content-Type: application/xml

<JobSearchDocument xmlns="">
  <facet count="true" name="JobTypes">
<JobListDocument xmlns="">
    <facet name="JobTypes">
      <count fieldValue="RAW_IMPORT">1</count>
      <count fieldValue="AUTO_IMPORT">1</count>


  • Paging support for user group search (#4162).
  • Case insensitive user search (#4118).
  • Filter users by enabled/disabled status (#4072).
  • Add support for audio level adjustments on the NLEJob timeline (#4025).
  • Support mixing of sequence renditions (#3848).
  • Improve the performance of fetching metadata with “defaultValue=true” in a cluster environment. (#4319).
  • Support SQL Query rewriting for MSSQL (#4324).
  • Be able to configure the batch size in DeletionLockBufferCruncher. (#4099)

Bug fixes

  • Remove unused database indexes (#4280).
  • Possible infinite retry of a job step (#4259).
  • Slow indexing on system using external ids (#4101).
  • Deletion-lock does not show full siteId in systems using long identifiers (#4195).
  • EXPORT job is incorrectly marked as FINISHED if one of its steps fails due to being DISAPPEARED (#4200).
  • Fix possible NegativeArraySizeException when uploading large files to S3 (#4256)
  • Abort Vidispine job if transfer step throws a runtime exception (#4305)

Transcoder fixes

  • Incorrect results from CONFORM job on long GOP material (#3549).
  • Deinterlacing provides wrong frame rate (#4258)
  • Thumbnailbackground settings in TranscodePresetDocument does not take effect (#3909)
  • Scaling is ignored in NLEJob (#4023)
  • Subtitle rendering is broken for all video formats that are not 4:2:0 (#4024)
  • Closed Captions(EIA-608,CEA-708) not found (#4246)

Upgrading from 5.1

  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.