Version 5.6

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).



Apache Log4j 2 Security Vulnerability

As mentioned here, VidiCore and its components are not affected by the recent Log4j Vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-45105)

However, as an extra precaution, we have upgraded the log4j dependency to 2.17.0 in VidiCore, and added -Dlog4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true in the Solr JVM property in this version. (#199184)



Bug fixes

  • Entities in a collection get non-recursive appliesTo ACL unexpectedly (#197508)

Transcoder fixes

  • Fix regression since 5.3, where dropFrame flag didn’t show correct value (#197831)




  • Mask LDAP password that is stored in Vidicore (#4875).

Bug fixes

  • IndexOutOfBoundsException if the search document contains empty phrase (#4842).
  • Datetime returned from essence version endpoint is incorrect (#4796).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transfer job that can’t write to destination reports as success instead of failure (#190427)
  • Improvement 190701: Add new R3D SDK (#190701)
  • BITC issue where the TC keeps going back to 0 (#190679).
  • Audio only MXF output not working (#190990).




  • Better dataset validation error messages (#4939).
  • Doing quota calculation in small chunks (#4931).
  • Only doing S3 URI validation for storages with methodTypes == NONE (#4916).
  • Return 503 instead of 401 when database is down (#4910).

Bug fixes

  • Too many parameter error in SQL query from group deletion on SQL Server (#4935).
  • Elasticsearch: highlight result missing from some of the timespan segments (#4933).
  • Search hit not correct on Elasticsearch if the query is using “facet with exclude” (#4925).
  • Possible integer overflow during timecode comparison (#4924).
  • VSA connections may lead to race conditions (#4909).
  • SNS notification on Item Metadata Change did not include the value of metadata-field (#4907).

Transcoder fixes

  • Green bar on the right side when decoding ProRes with odd width (#189855).
  • 23.976 fps material detected as 25 fps (#190152).




  • Improve IMF 2020 XSD support (#4913).
  • Improve deletion speed of items whose metadata is referenced in many places (#4912).
  • Improve metadata update speed if it’s referenced by a large number of entities (#4897).
  • Support parsing FinalCut xml with sequence reference (#4887).
  • Be able to parallelize bulky metadata migration (#4846).

Bug fixes

  • Job finished notifications not been processed for a long time (#4900).




  • Indexing and search performance improvements (#4881).
  • Improve metadata retrieval speed with inherited metadata (#4849).
  • Make it possible to choose directory traversing algorithm (#4824).
  • Optimize job startup speed (#4808).
  • Be able to use the storage external id when registering a file (#4786).
  • Support IMF schema ST 2067-2:2020 (#4741).
  • Be able to set com.vidispine.service.quorum via configuration properties (#4728).

Bug fixes

  • VSA cannot connect to Spectra BlackPearl share (#4851).
  • Search Cursor changes each time at the end of the search result (#4823).
  • Not able to search for metadata field group with space in name (#4758).
  • Fix missing Content-Length header from the APInoauth thumbnail and poster endpoints (#4743).
  • Facet search not returning results in timed metadata (#4734).
  • File retains inherited deletion-lock even after detached from item/shape (#4708).
  • Fix incorrect Waveform URI not using the apiNoauthURI setting (#4624).

Transcoder fixes

  • Memory leak regression in deinterlacefilter (#4864).
  • Item sequence render conform job gives unexpected result when average framerate is off (#4784).



Thumbnail sprite sheet

A thumbnail sprite sheet is a big image of all thumbnails laid out on a canvas, together with a description on where every thumbnail is stored. (#4794)

The sprite sheet can be used by UI to quickly navigate through all thumbnails without having to load them one by one.


GET /item/VX-14836/thumbnail/spritesheet
Content-Type: application/xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ThumbnailSpriteSheetDocument xmlns="">

 <!-- more thumbnails-->


Self-refreshing library support for Elasticsearch

Self refreshing libraries (autoRefresh=true) is now supported for the Elasticsearch search backend. This is implemented using the Elasticsearch percolate query. (#3596)

A separate Elasticsearch index called vidispine_percolator is used to hold the percolate queries. It’s created as part of the vidispine elasticsearch init command. Systems upgrading from older VidiCore versions can use vidispine elasticsearch init --percolator-index to only create the percolator index without touching the main index.

Indexing speed improvement for Solr and Elasticsearch

Various fixes has been made to adjust the requests that VidiCore sends to Solr and Elasticsearch, in order to improve the indexing speed. (#4777, #4850)

For Elasticsearch, it’s now possible to use multiple threads to send documents to Elasticsearch (see elasticsearchWorkerCount). It should improve the indexing speed while using Elasticsearch cluster. (#4701)

There is also a property elasticsearchBulkBuffer, which can be used to adjust the internal buffer size of the Elasticsearch worker thread. It will affect indexing speed as well.

Different handling of timecodes from scc subtitle files

Before 5.6, the timecodes of scc subtitle metadata are taken directly from the subtitle file without modification. (#4314)

In 5.6, the default behavior has been changed: the result of item.startTimecode - scc timecode will be applied to the item metadata instead. If you want to retain the old behavior, useAbsoluteSccTimeCode has to be set to true.

Possibility to override shape tag in sequence render request

When rendering a sequence, the codecs and settings in the requested shape tag definition can be overridden by the SequenceDocument. (#4506, #4507).

New features

  • Support for s3 pre-signed URL requests for upload with KMS-SSE buckets (#4628).
  • Add support for file lost notification (#4711).
  • Decode support for CR3 (Canon Raw) format (#4834).
  • Decode support for HEIC images (#4698).
  • Set ChannelLayout for the transcoded output (#4559).
  • Extend mix element to hold time-based mix information (#4506).


  • Make message acknowledgement faster when ActiveMQ is configured to use JDBC datasource (#4778).
  • Be able to hash files on a VidiCore S3 storage using VSA (#4694).
  • Implement support for cost estimates for hightscreen/smartcrop jobs (#4654).
  • Support for multiple publickeys & certificates in Oauth2 config (#4595).
  • Update VSCTL to Python3 (#4586).
  • Always start/restart transcoder service after install/update (#4724).

Bug fixes

  • Possible broken notification documents after a vacuumlo on PostgreSQL (#4831).
  • Invalid PUT request when closing files (#4803).
  • Double indexing on item placeholder creation (#4776).
  • Not possible to add vsa network share where host contains port. (#4759).
  • Slow reindex of collections compared to items (#4680).
  • VSA add-network-share doesn’t work with Scality S3 (#4363).
  • VSA allows access/import of files outside local fs share (#4670).

Transcoder fixes

  • Shape standard properties are not consistent after transcoding (#4795).
  • Audio gain not working properly (#4767).
  • Audio fade out using AudioCrossFade is not working (#4749).
  • Add support for transition at start of timeline (#4745).
  • FadeInOutDissolve not working (#4727).
  • Lip-sync issue when transcoding a file with lowres shape-tag (#4700).
  • Error when transcoding PDF file with different page size and orientation (#3943).

Upgrading from 5.5

  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.