FileCatalyst Integration

Vidispine can initiate transfers between storages using FileCatalyst. For this to work, the source and/or destination storages must first be configured properly.

Transfer type

Three different transfers are supported:

  1. Transfer between two storages listed in FileCatalyst Server.
  2. Transfer from a local storage (with a file URI method) and a storage listed in FileCatalyst Server.
  3. Transfer from a storage listed in FileCatalyst Server to a local storage.

Storage configuration

To specify that FileCatalyst can be used to transfer from/to a storage, a special Storage Method has to be added:

filecatalyst://{user}:{password}/{host}[:{port}]/{any relative path from the FileCatalyst root}


Assume that Vidispine and FileCatalyst runs on the same server, and that you want to create a storage to handle /srv/media/incoming. Further assume that in FileCatalyst there is a user fc with password s3cret which has is FileCatalyst home root directory at /srv/media. Further, assume that FileCatalyst is running on port 2100.

Then the storage should look like:

<StorageDocument xmlns="">
    <uri>filecatalyst://fc:s3cret@localhost:2100/incoming/</uri>  <!-- /srv/media + incoming = /srv/media/incoming -->