StorNext Integration

In version 4.2.3, beta support for Quantum StorNext file information is added. With this support, storage information from StorNext is added to the file information. StorNext version 5 and higher is supported, and the Web Services API and the HTTP protocol must be enabled.

Storage configuration

In order for StorNext information to be retrieved, a special Storage Method has to be added:

stornext://{user}:{password}/{host}:{port}/{StorNext path}

Here, user and password are the StorNext web services API credentials. (webservice, webservice by default on StorNext). Host and port is the StorNext endpoint (typically port 81). StorNext path is the base path prefixed to the file path when the StorNext API is queried. Typically, this is the same path as for the file method.


Below is an example of a storage configuration where StorNext and Vidispine runs on the same machine, with the StorNext filesystem on /stornext/snfs.

<StorageDocument xmlns="">

StorNext Metadata

When the StorNext endpoint is set up, Vidispine file archive status and metadata is updated.

  • The file is marked as ARCHIVED if and only if StorNext location is exactly TAPE.
  • The StorNext metadata fields location, class, existingCopies, and targetCopies are set on the file. This can be changed by modifying the configuration property stornextFileMetadata. It should be a comma separated list of StorNext metadata fields.