Re-indexing metadata

The text index can be fully reindexed without disturbing production. The reindexing process also handles application server restarts, and can be monitored. Normally, reindexing is only needed if the metadata field definition are changed, but it can be a good idea to reindex if the database is moved or if upgrading to a newer version of Vidispine.

Requesting a reindex

PUT /reindex/(index)

Starts a reindex. If a reindex of the same type (item/collection/ACL/file) is already in progress, it is restarted.


Only files that do not belong to an item will be indexed when reindexing files. To reindex all files both a file and item reindex must be started.

  • application/xml, application/json – XML/JSON, schema ReindexDocument

Retrieving reindex information

GET /reindex/(index)

Gets information about a reindex process, i.e., progress and whether it is finished.


The number of indexes returned in the GET command is only an estimate.

Controlling index of items/collections

If the metadata field solr-index of an item/collection is set to false, it won’t be indexed.


<MetadataDocument xmlns="">
   <timespan end="+INF" start="-INF">