Vidispine logs

Retrieving log files

New in version 3.3.

If your application has a custom form for reporting issues then you can collect the log files using the vidispine-logs resource.

Get log files

GET /vidispine-logs
Query Parameters:
  • starttime – Mandatory ISO 8601 start time of time span.
  • endtime – Mandatory ISO 8601 end time of time span.
  • comment – Optional detailed description of what the problem is, to be written in zip file.
  • user – Optional comma-separated list of user names to retrieve information about.
  • storage – Optional comma-separated list of storage ids to retrieve information about.
  • item – Optional comma-separated list of item ids to retrieve information about.
  • job – Optional comma-separated list of job ids to retrieve information about.
  • application/zip – A zip file with various log files collated.
  • multipart/form-data , multipart/mixed

    A multi-part response, with parts:

    • zip Containing the zip file.
    • message-text Containing CRLF-separated list of warnings.
    • message-json Containing JSON array list of warnings.