Global metadata

Global metadata is metadata that is not associated with any item or collection. It can primarily be used as a reference, for example holding a field that is referenced from many items.

Retrieve the global metadata

GET /metadata

Retrieves the global metadata.

Query Parameters:
  • interval (string) –

    Comma-separated list

    • time-span - Filter out metadata, return only metadata for specified time span.
    • generic - Return all non-timed metadata.
    • all (default) - Return all metadata, same as interval=generic,-INF-+INF
    • result - Can be used when retrieving metadata from a search result. Will return time spans that overlap with the search result. (New in 5.5.)
  • field (string) –

    Comma-separated list.

    • field-name - Return specified field.
    • field-name ”:” new-name - Return specified field, renamed to a new name in return value.
    • “-” field-name - Exclude specified field.
    • (default) - Return all fields.
  • group (string) –

    Comma-separated list.

    • group-name - Return specified group.
    • group-name + - Return specified group and subgroups.
    • group-name : new-name - Return specified group, renamed to a new name in return value.
    • - group-name - Exclude specified group.
    • (default) - Return all groups.
  • track (string) –

    Comma-separated list.

    • track-type track-number - Return metadata for specified track. Example of track is A2.
    • track-type t1 - t2 - Return metadata for specified track interval, e.g. A2-4.
    • track-type * - Return metadata for all tracks of specified type, e.g. A*.
    • generic - Return all non-tracked metadata.
    • all (default) - All metadata, with or without track specification, are returned.
  • language (string) –

    Comma-separated list.

    • language-tag - Return metadata for specific language, e.g. en_US. Wildcards may be used, e.g. *_CA for both Canadian French and Canadian English.
    • none - Return all metadata without language specification.
    • all (default) - Return all metadata, with or without language specification.
  • samplerate (string) – Convert all outgoing time instants to specified rate. NB! Time codes which cannot be expressed in an integer number of samples will be returned as a decimal number, with risk of losing precision.
  • conflict (string) –
    • yes (default) - Include all metadata conflicts, unresolved.
    • no - Return conflicts resolved according to field rules.
  • include (string) – A list of keys. Includes additional field specific data. Additionally, if set to type the type definition of the field will be retrieved.
  • defaultValue (boolean) –
    • true - For unset fields, return default values.
    • false (default) - Do not return default values.
  • includeConstraintValue (string) –

    Comma-separated list of fields whose “display value” should be retrieved from the metadata dataset.

    • all (default) - Return the “display value” of all fields.
    • none - No “display value” will be returned. The fields will only have id set.
    • comma-separated field names - Return the “display value” of the specified fields.


Update the global metadata

PUT /metadata

Modifies the global metadata. This resource shares the same query parameters as the item metadata resource.

Query Parameters:
  • revision (string) – The known revision. If not specified, the change set will attempt to override existing change sets.
  • skipForbidden (boolean) – Skip fields or groups that the user doesn’t have write access to. Default is false
  • onlyReturnChanges (boolean) –

    New in version 4.16.6.

    • true - Only return the changed entries.
    • false (default) - Return the whole global metadata after the update.

Retrieve metadata by UUID

GET /metadata/(uuid)

Retrieves the metadata entry that matches the UUID.




GET /metadata/c3dc7918-9316-4fef-b4fc-ff2b0149e854
<MetadataEntryDocument xmlns="">
  <field uuid="c3dc7918-9316-4fef-b4fc-ff2b0149e854" user="system" timestamp="2011-01-10T10:00:54.845+01:00" change="VX-7">
    <value uuid="199255d8-59ec-421e-9c7b-757c46c92b14" user="system" timestamp="2011-01-10T10:00:54.845+01:00" change="VX-7">h264</value>
GET /metadata/199255d8-59ec-421e-9c7b-757c46c92b14
<MetadataEntryDocument xmlns="">
  <value uuid="199255d8-59ec-421e-9c7b-757c46c92b14" user="system" timestamp="2011-01-10T10:00:54.845+01:00" change="VX-7">h264</value>

Remove metadata by UUID

DELETE /metadata/(uuid)

Removes the metadata with the specified UUID.



DELETE /metadata/6fba17bb-ed52-43ab-86b7-07f5494edeed
200 OK