Version 5.5

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).




  • Mask LDAP password that is stored in Vidicore (#4875).

Bug fixes

  • IndexOutOfBoundsException if the search document contains empty phrase (#4842).
  • Datetime returned from essence version endpoint is incorrect (#4796).

Transcoder fixes

  • Transfer job that can’t write to destination reports as success instead of failure (#190427)
  • Improvement 190701: Add new R3D SDK (#190701)




  • Better dataset validation error messages (#4939).
  • Doing quota calculation in small chunks (#4931).
  • Only doing S3 URI validation for storages with methodTypes == NONE (#4916).
  • Return 503 instead of 401 when database is down (#4910).

Bug fixes

  • Too many parameter error in SQL query from group deletion on SQL Server (#4935).
  • Possible integer overflow during timecode comparison (#4924).
  • VSA connections may lead to race conditions (#4909).
  • SNS notification on Item Metadata Change did not include the value of metadata-field (#4907).

Transcoder fixes

  • Green bar on the right side when decoding ProRes with odd width (#189855).




  • Improve IMF 2020 XSD support (#4913).
  • Improve deletion speed of items whose metadata is referenced in many places (#4912).
  • Improve metadata update speed if it’s referenced by a large number of entities (#4897).
  • Be able to parallelize bulky metadata migration (#4846).

Bug fixes

  • Job finished notifications not been processed for a long time (#4900).




  • Improve metadata retrieval speed with inherited metadata (#4849).
  • Make it possible to choose directory traversing algorithm (#4824).
  • Optimize job startup speed (#4808).
  • Be able to use the storage external id when registering a file (#4786).
  • Support IMF schema ST 2067-2:2020 (#4741).
  • Be able to set com.vidispine.service.quorum via configuration properties (#4728).

Transcoder improvements

  • Always start/restart transcoder service after install/update (#4724).

Bug fixes

  • VSA cannot connect to Spectra BlackPearl share (#4851).
  • Search Cursor changes each time at the end of the search result (#4823).
  • Itemsearch bug when searching for metadata field group name with space (#4758).
  • Fix missing Content-Length header from the APInoauth thumbnail and poster endpoints (#4743).
  • Facet search not returning results in timed metadata (#4734).
  • File retains inherited deletion-lock even after detached from item/shape (#4708).

Transcoder fixes

  • Memory leak regression in deinterlacefilter (#4864).
  • Item sequence render conform job gives unexpected result when average framerate is off (#4784).




  • Allow creating storage methods with same URI but different method types (#4131).

Bug fixes

  • Cannot add metadata when creating a new shape (#4738).
  • Transcode job with “scenechange” thumbnail plugin not working on Vidinet (#4736).
  • Duplicate storage-rule file action jobs are stated in some case (#4710).
  • parameter importTag not working with raw import (#4695).
  • Restarting VSA removes transcoder directAccess element (#4677).
  • “db check” command should fail if the database is empty (#4668).
  • Incorrect facet results for Elasticsearch, if the SearchDocument contains a “filter” (#4666).
  • The AUTO-VSA url generate by VidiCore is incorrect (#4663).

Transcoder fixes

  • Audio/video(frozen video) issues after a conform job for .mxf files (#4735).
  • Audio/video(unsynced audio) issues after a conform job for .mov (#4733).
  • Cannot extract closed captions in MXF file (#4721).
  • Transcode job no failing after a file reading error (#4707).
  • Conform Job with Audio Mix Option fails with empty mi (#4692).
  • Incorrect samples count and duration for aac (#4681).
  • Transcoder license endpoint race condition (#4618).

Agent fixes

  • Incorrect analyze job result if using VSA (#4706).



Collection-to-collection joins

Collection hierarchy joins can be used to find collections based on their relationship with other collections (#4614).

For example, to find collections that have a child collection with title=vidispine.

PUT /collection
Content-Type: application/xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ItemSearchDocument version="2" xmlns="">

Collection improvements

An item can now be stored multiple times in the same collection (#4615). Metadata on the relation can be used do define for example that only a specific segment from the item is considered part of the collection.

New features

Bug fixes

  • Shape deduction of EPS file gives binary component (#4704).
  • Shape subquery does not work when searching for collection (#4642).
  • Using role query param in group search returns 500 (#4616).
  • Exception when deleting document metadata by UUID (#4613).
  • Global metadata update failing due to slow metadata query (#4604).
  • Slow deletion on systems with a large amount of deletion locks (#4588).
  • Request failures when performing raw import using concurrent multipart uploads (#4554).
  • Metadata group gets created multiple times with same name in the metadata schema (#4318).
  • Incorrect auto commit setting in Solr package (#4313).
  • Bulky metadata not removed on analyze job failure (#4153).
  • Incorrect service “isRunning” flag in a cluster setup (#3890).

Transcoder fixes

  • Incorrect image output for PSD to JPEG/PNG transcode (#4672).
  • Transcoder segfault for ProRes when pixel format is empty or unsupported (#4589).

Agent fixes

  • Read timed out error in conform jobs via VSA (#4582).

Upgrading from 5.4

  • APIinit is needed due to a new job step for analyze jobs.
  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.
  • This release contains database migrations for both metadata and collections that may take time on larger systems. Please plan upgrades accordingly.

Breaking changes

  • Searching with cursors: Previously, when reaching the end of a result set, the next cursor returned was null. With 5.5 a valid cursor is returned instead. This enables tailing searches. To check for end of search, either check hits being less than the requested number, or if the returned cursor is the same as the previous cursor.
  • When enabling indexCollectionItemOrder, the order is in ascending order by the first entry of the item in the respective collection. (It is still recommended that this property is set to false for performance reasons.)