Version 5.1

The release notes will tell you what’s new in each version, and any changes that you must be aware of when upgrading. For reference, Vidispine ticket numbers are printed as (#1234).




  • Optimize PSD/PSB reading (#4329).
  • Prevent user names been resolved many times during a search request (#4289).
  • Add a “recursive” flag to AccessControlType (#4287).

Transcoder improvements

  • Be able to create 8 channels of AAC-LC per track in mp4 (#4317).
  • Support decoding AAC in MXF (#4158).

Bug fixes

  • Fix possible user privilege escalation since 5.0 (#4316).
  • Fails to connect to an ActiveMQ that requires username and password (#4269).
  • Fail to create project version (#4217).
  • Items in a child collection not inheriting ancestor’s deletion-locks (#4202).
  • Search item by metadata field group fails when long identifiers are enabled (#4194).
  • Handle PUT (write) to APInoauth URIs pointing to vxa:// resources (#4132).
  • Incorrect search result if fields inside a NOT operator have boost factors (#4127).
  • Content path not working for transient metadata on the “/API/search” endpoint (#4040).

Transcoder fixes

  • Shape deduction returns wrong duration on certain MXF files (#4243).

Agent fixes

  • Files on one VSA storage are incorrectly detected on other VSAs storages (#4273).
  • VSA transcode job fails if the original file is in S3 bucket (#4225).
  • Can’t connect multiple VSAs on the same machine to the same Vidispine server (#4133).



Elastic APM integration


Vidispine now supports application performance monitoring using Elastic APM. It monitors the execution of the application for easy pinpointing of performance issues (#4212).

    urls: [""]

VSA port forwarding service

Vidispine now supports secure remote port forwarding using VSA (#4197). This also enables the possibility to utilize this feature for LDAP authentication.

Preallocated growing files

Local storages can now be configured to wait for files to be free before initiating transfers. (#4082). This is useful for Windows storages where the size and metadata is constant while a file is copied to the storage, but the file cannot be read.


  • Audit logs can now be configured to include request bodies and response codes (#4154).
  • It is now possible to filter by priority when listing jobs (#4138).
  • Allow setting a priority for storage rule jobs (#4216).
  • Users can now be created in a disabled state (#3928).
  • Search for users by group (#3971).
  • Closing raw file chunks is now asynchronous (#4238).
  • Avoid segment reading/writing for segments larger than S3 partsize (#4237).
  • Include entity id in deletion lock notification (#4078).
  • Enable millisecond support for MySQL (#3570).

Bug fixes

  • Missing allowed values for dataset nodes without parent (#4106).
  • Content range in response header longer than complete length if requesting range outside of content length (#4055).
  • List item jobs with multiple fields doesn’t product the right output (#4111).
  • copyFileJob fails with naming script on files that have not been imported. (#4157).
  • Error thrown when reading DatabaseSizeLimit property of license (#4112).

Upgrading from 5.0

  • APIinit is needed due to a new job step for raw and essence imports.
  • Solr: No changes to the documents. Re-indexing is not required.